Will Smith’s jab at Chris Rock throws the 2022 Oscars off track: We dissect it

The 94th Academy Awards have arrived after a long and contentious journey. All eyes — including ours — will be on a program that promises to emphasize entertainment over tradition, with “Power of the Dog” and “CODA” poised to duke it out for the night’s top prize.

In our 2022 Oscars live discussion, Times columnists Mary McNamara and Glenn Whipp will dish down the finest speeches, biggest upsets, and other key topics from Sunday’s ceremonies, including the medals handed out off-screen.

8:42 p.m. Glenn, it’s just a little after 8:30! This was also enjoyable. Maybe next year we’ll do it again!

Is this their approval for us to follow suit? Because it appears to be late, Mary. Late, late, late, late, late, late, late, late, late, late

Here’s a shot of the hosts in their pajamas. I think they did a fantastic job, and we were just nine minutes over three hours? For the last four minutes, my Apple watch has been urging me to stand, so I’d best do it. Even on Oscar night, you have to close those rings.

8:40 p.m. Well, I’m pleased as well since the piece I published yesterday, “How ‘CODA’ Won Best Picture,” is currently up on the Los Angeles Times online! Oh, and the film is charming and enjoyable. In my opinion, it’s not the finest film, but I’m not going to disparage a film that gives me a lump in my throat even after viewing it numerous times.

“All right, ‘CODA.'” Miss Liza Minnelli’s greatest announcement of the best film ever. I confess it, you were correct, and I am content in any case. No one had inquired.

8:34 p.m. Is this the Second Coming? Is the seventh seal about to be broken?

Liza and Lady Gaga!!! This has to be the last prize! What could possibly happen next???

Andrew Garfield, who has had a lot of fantastic parts this year but no Oscar nominations, gets a shout-out from Chastain. Without naming individuals, he also speaks out against the rise in prejudice… What’s up, Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli?!

8:31 p.m. Yes, Tonight, awards were given out! In this category, there were a lot of Penelope Cruz truthers, and I would have loved to see her win, but I had Chastain. “The Eyes of Tammy Faye,” which will now most certainly win one more Oscar than “The Power of the Dog,” is not one of my favorites. She was, however, fantastic in it.

Jessica Chastain takes home the award for finest actress! Glenn, how’s your card looking now?

8:27 p.m. “Will Smith summed it up well. “Is there anything further to say?” The remainder of the show is pretty well summed up by Anthony Hopkins. What’s the worst that could happen after that???

“Did I miss something?” says Amy Schumer. It’s like though the mood around here has shifted or something.” God bless this room for handling the situation so gracefully. (Billy Crystal, eat your heart out as well.) Again.)

8:23 p.m. If that was contrived — which I doubt — Smith would be deserving of an Oscar only for that monologue.

That was a fairly incredible scene, and I can see why some people were asking if Rock’s appearance was manufactured. Smith produced a major heart-wrenching moment out of a fairly nasty temper tantrum, and I can’t believe it. Denzel Washington advising him, “At your brightest moment, be careful; that’s when the devil comes for you,” stunned me. Washington’s expression, too. It was the most emotional apology and self-disclosure I’ve ever witnessed on this, or probably any, show. What a night that was.

8:17 p.m. “When you’re in love, you’ll do insane things.” What else is there to say?

We’ll never know because he won. Smith opened his acceptance speech by saying, “Richard Williams was a staunch protector of his family.” “Denzel warned me, ‘Be careful when you’re at your most vulnerable; that’s when the devil comes for you.’ It’s as though I want to be a love vessel. I’d want to express my gratitude to Venus and Serena Williams, as well as the whole Williams family, for entrusting me with their narrative. I’d want to apologize to the Academy, as well as all of my fellow candidates.”

It’s 8:08 p.m. It’s a fantastic triumph. And it’s possible that it’ll be “The Power of the Dog’s” lone Oscar win out of its 12 nominations. Since Mike Nichols’ triumph for “The Graduate,” no filmmaker has won for a film that takes no other form. That’s some wonderful company to be in.

And she succeeds! Thank you, God. Let’s get away from the feuding guys for a moment and talk about how fantastic Campion is and how wonderful it is that she finally won this category, being the third woman to do so, and that two women have now won it back to back for the first time in Oscar history. Can you envision a world where males winning two years in a succession for directing would be a reason for celebration? She’s also an icon, and while icons don’t require sparkling objects, it’s still great when they do. And now I’m furious that Will Smith’s s— is going to overshadow Jane Campion’s historic victory. Sigh. Men.

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