Why is Plastic the Most Affordable Material for Key Chains

Today, the world would not function without them. Plastics and its derivatives are ubiquitous in the lives of most people. The typical American’s cup is filled to the brim with plastic. The world is filled with plastics in a variety of forms that fulfill aspirations, save lives, and decorate key chains. The most common kind of decoration is a plastic key chain, in fact.

This is due to the fact that plastic is the most adaptable, trustworthy, and pliable material in existence. Anything may be created out of it. It seems sense that because it can serve a variety of purposes, it would eventually be utilized to create key chains.

Key rings are often used by businesses as promotional items. This is due to the fact that it is among the best marketing gimmicks ever created. An individual cannot leave the home without their keys, therefore by creating promotional goods that will remind them of your brand each time they leave or start their automobile, they will always have a reminder in their hand.

Even while it may not result in an instant sale, it gets embedded in the person’s mind after being exposed to it repeatedly day after day until they need whatever product or service you provide. When that happens, they’ll probably never even look in the phone book since they’ll already be thinking about your company.

Given that practically everyone requires a keychain, this kind of marketing is very effective. It is also something that is helpful. You have provided the customer with a product that has value by choosing to promote your brand with something memorable as opposed to something that is quickly forgotten.

A business card is only useful if it is kept by the recipient, and most individuals are unlikely to do so unless they anticipate needing your services right away. But a plastic key chain with your company’s emblem and contact details on it can stay with them for many years. You have provided them with something that meets their needs, has a purpose, and fosters reliability and usefulness in the eyes of the customer.

Making a customized key chains design that is both memorable and durable is the secret to success. It is simple to compromise quality for price, but when a consumer receives a product that is unable to withstand the demands of usage, reliability is swiftly forgotten. They now associate the keychain with bad construction and poor design; thus, it must always be made of durable plastic.

A plastic key chain for promotional purposes is a foolproof strategy for any company, local or international. The company may end up being firmly established in the consumer’s life, where they will likely encounter it virtually daily. Through the bizarre wonder of plastic, it becomes a mainstay of their daily routine and endures the rigors of their everyday lives. Consequently, they are the ideal if you’re seeking for a distinctive item.

How to create resin keychains

There are many procedures involved in making resin keychains, but they are extremely simple to do. The fundamental stages are just briefly described here. The section after this one has further design concepts.

Organize your workspace

Make sure your workspace is tidy and dust-free. Use an old newspaper or drop sheet to cover your workspace. Amass all the tools and materials. Put on a mouthpiece and nitrile gloves.

Epoxy resin mixture

The Fast Cure Casting Resin has a volume ratio of 1:1. Put measuring lines on 2 disposable plastic cups. If using a different brand of resin, be sure you read the manufacturer’s directions since they can have a different mixing ratio.

Resin and hardener should be divided equally among the cups. Incorporate the resin with the hardener. Mix for 5 minutes using a wooden whisk stick. Stir the mixture well until there are no longer any streaks separating the resin and hardener and the liquid appears clear.

To prevent the formation of air bubbles, stir gently. To get rid of air bubbles, I also like lightly tapping the container on the work surface.

Dye resin

Optionally add a few drops of alcohol ink or mica powder to the resin to give it some color. Stir the resin until the colorant has completely dissolved and is equally distributed throughout.

Mold glue

Pour the resin into the alphabet mold, paying careful attention to fill each letter all the way to the top. Observe bubbles near the surface and puncture them with a toothpick or needle to cause them to pop.


Let the resin cure at room temperature and without interruption. Fast Cure Casting resin from Into Resin takes 8 to 12 hours to cure. If utilizing a different brand or kind of resin, the curing procedure may take 24 to 48 hours.


Remove the letter from the mold after the resin has completely solidified. Simply press the shapes until they spring out of the mold. Observe any spills or overflows and cut them away with scissors or a blade knife.

Make a hole

Make a hole in the ornament’s top using a little drill. The best drill bit is the tiniest one. This phase should be carried out as soon as the resin has dried out, while it is still somewhat flexible and simple to handle.

Add a keyring.

Attach the keychain hanger by screwing the screw hook into the letter. To open and shut the jump rings, use needle-nose pliers. You’ve completed your DIY resin keychain!

The production of plastic customized key chains is a process which can be completed in a short time. A wide range of colors and patterns are available for the customers to choose from, and they can also customize the shapes, sizes, and logos on the key chains. We offer customized key chains with different shapes, sizes and colors that will suit your needs. All of the products that we make are durable and will last for a long time. We also offer free shipping for all our products!

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