What Is There to Do in Itanagar

Itanagar, a city in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, has something for everyone. It includes activities for everyone, whether you are an adventurer, a photographer, a nature lover, or an explorer. Itanagar and its environs are not to be missed if you like extreme sports. Trekking, rafting, hiking, boating, and fishing are just a few of the exciting activities available, Many Itanagar news websites discuss the topic.

Not only that, but if you like nature, you may go on a jungle safari or go bird watching. Many festivals are held in Itanagar, including the Tamladu festival, the Reh festival, and Losar (the New Year). If you intend to visit at this period, you will be able to learn about the cuisine and culture of this region of India. These are the activities available in Itanagar.


Itanagar is well-known for its exquisite handicrafts such as Thangkas (Buddhist paintings on fabric with vegetable dye and gold), woodcarvings, shawls, indigenous attire, carpets, and so on. Tibetan artwork may be seen in all of the things featured here. If you can choose a handful of these products, you will have made a lovely present for your loved ones back home.


It is a prominent water activity in the area. It draws adventure seekers from all over the world to Itanagar year after year to raft down the Siang River. It is obvious that Itanagar is a great spot for rafting, not only because of the enormous river, but also because of the breathtaking splendor you will encounter along the route. It will be an exhilarating experience. However, rafting here is not suitable for novices because to the high tides. River rafting and fishing tour packages are also offered.

Angling and fishing

Fishing is another sport that you may do if you visit Arunachal Pradesh, which has several rivers. You have a significant chance of choosing angling and fishing. Fishing may be done in a variety of locations, including Pasighat on the Siang River, Tezu on the Lohit River, and Tipi on the Kamang River.


It is preferable to visit any location during local festivals in order to learn about the local culture and sample the local cuisine. The many tribes that live in Itanagar celebrate several festivals with much grandeur and zeal. Among them are:

The Losar Festival: It is a New Year’s event observed by the indigenous Monpas tribe. It is observed on five days throughout the month of February. They raise religious flags on their roofs, read religious literature, and the city becomes rather colorful during this time. They also thoroughly clean their house to avoid illness.

The Reh Festival: In Itanagar, the Idu Mishmis celebrate Reh festival for six days in February to appease their chief deity Nanyi Inyitaya. The priest dance is one of the festival’s main attractions. The festival is celebrated with zeal and good cheer.

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