WaterHog Mats – A Smart Choice For Office Buildings and Residential Homes

Waterhog Mats provide durable protection for office buildings or residential homes of any size or style, featuring easy maintenance with beautiful colors and patterns that fit any decor. They’re durable, easily cleaned, and come in an assortment of styles suited to meet any decor requirement.

Waterhog Mats Are Constructed With Recycled Materials

In contrast to many other mats on the market, Waterhog mats from Ultimate Mats are composed of polypropylene fibers made from recycled plastic bottles – an eco-friendly choice that reduces waste while conserving natural resources.

These fibers are resistant to stains and mildew growth, making them the perfect choice for commercial environments. Furthermore, their easy cleanup means you’ll keep them looking new year after year!

Waterhog Floor Mats Are Conceived To Absorb Dirt And Moisture

Another benefit of choosing a Waterhog floor mat is their unique bi-level surface which traps dirt and moisture under the rug to help keep floors dry, which reduces slip hazards and increases safety. In addition, their durable materials can withstand both heavy foot traffic and weather conditions for indoor/outdoor spaces alike – perfect!

Waterhog Mats Are Available in an Extensive Selection of Colors and Patterns There is an impressive variety of Waterhog mats to select from, including Classic, Eco, Fashion and Premier models. Each style offers different benefits so it is important to consider your unique requirements when making this decision.

As These Mats Are Crafted of Polypropylene, They’re Ideal For Indoor And Outdoor Settings

Made from polypropylene, these mats are highly resistant to stains and mildew growth and easily cleaned by being hosed off and hung up to dry after each use.

Waterhog Mats Are Crafted From Recycled Materials

The polypropylene fibers that compose Waterhog mats are composed of recycled plastic bottles – an eco-friendly way of helping save the planet while lasting longer than most mats on the market. Additionally, these Waterhog mats feature long-term durability so you won’t have to replace them as often compared to similar options on the market.

These Waterhog waffle-surface floor mats can absorb up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. Their waterhog waffle design removes dirt and moisture quickly from indoor or outdoor applications, making these floor mats suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Constructed from heavy-duty thermoplastic polymer that resists staining and fading, making these an excellent addition for any commercial space.

Waterhog Mats Are Engineered To Absorb Adequate Amount Of Water

Your selection of a waterhog mat will depend on your unique requirements; popular options include Classic, Eco and Premier varieties suited for moderate- to heavy-duty areas respectively.

Waterhog Premier Mats Are Engineered To Absorb More Water

The Waterhog Premier is the ultimate waterhog mat, as it contains 50% more surface material than its Classic counterpart. With an extra dense face weight wicking off water from shoes quickly and its rubber backing prolonging its longevity compared with its counterpart.

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