Tips for Managing Conference Room Bookings

Meetings between colleagues, customers, and partners will always play an important role in how firms run. The conference room is an important center in every organization, whether for cooperation, project planning, or negotiations. However, there are a number of issues that might develop when it comes to sharing these places and getting the most out of them.

We have some terrific recommendations to help you optimize your conference room booking management so that everyone in your organization has access to the space they need when they want it.

All meeting room amenities should be consistent

While it is natural to have preferences, you should avoid making certain areas of your workplace more appealing than others. It’s a sign that facilities are being unjustly allocated, and it’s probable that your employees feel under-supported in terms of available infrastructure. That is why it is critical to keep technology consistent and properly maintained in each conference room –– staff should be able to enter and plug-in using a common approach, rather than struggling to adapt to diverse technologies throughout your site.

Use digital signage and name your meeting rooms for simple identification

Give each of your conference rooms a distinct name so that staff and visitors can readily find their way to a meeting. Installing digital signage outside each conference room may help to inform people about the event taking place inside and provide contact information for the organizer. This allows colleagues to communicate directly if the room seems to be booked but is really empty––for example, owing to a canceled meeting. This will inform others whether it is OK to take over the room since the original bookers will not be there.

Create a conference room booking policy and include it in your onboarding process

To ensure that your conference room facilities are used properly and to their maximum capacity by all team members, a policy that standardizes how these collaborative spaces are booked for meetings is necessary. To avoid misunderstanding, convey your booking procedure to new staff in order to assure the continuation of conference room booking best practices.

Combine your occupancy sensors with a cleaning schedule

We mentioned it briefly before, but it needs its own part in this post since health and safety issues will remain at the top of everyone’s priority lists for the foreseeable future. Meetings may include a big number of people, and if the space is to be used numerous times during the day, a very effective sanitization procedure after each user is required.

The Irisys True Occupancy solution employs sensors to track people’s movement and occupancy levels in your building in an anonymous manner. Real-time usage data may be incorporated with your conference room booking system or other software to alert your cleaning staff that a room has been vacated and is ready for sanitization. You’ll save time and money by cleaning just when the room has been used; second, your cleaning crew will be able to work more effectively throughout the day by concentrating on areas that need their services.

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