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The brand’s stunning sunburst blue, black dials with white markings, and a few lesser-known dials, such the all-black Phantom, the Golden Heritage with its rose gold-on-brown colorway, and the Heritage with its brown-on-black design, are among the many well-known features of the new models. However, the company used this chance to drop two additional models into the BR 03 lineup. The first is a black ceramic casing super clone watches with a very tactical olive dial that the manufacturer refers to as “Military.” This one looks green in press photographs and drawings, but in person, there’s a hint of yellow. It has black markers and hands, as well as a rubber band that complements the dial. Copper, the second new variation, has a vertical brushed dial with a polished hand.

You’ve figured out the dials, all right, but you’d need additional information regarding this tiny case. Is a 1mm difference truly noticeable? It very certainly can. If you have a regular round watch, you can reduce its diameter by 1 mm without affecting any other dimensions; but, if you have a square watch, you must, of course, maintain it square. The footprint of the clock is reduced twice as much when the length and breadth are reduced as when the width is reduced alone. This results in a watch that wears noticeably smaller while preserving the rather massive, round Rolex super clone watches instrument watch design. It’s crucial to understand that the design of the straps, which span the whole width of the watch, if you’ve never worn a square Rolex watch or any other round watch.

While some may complain about the reduction, the style remains the same, and while it is noticeable, the presence on the wrist is still felt – these are still the rolex watches you know and love. The rolex date just 41mm models start at $15,000 in steel and $17,100 in full silver oyster or jubilee straps.

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