Resident Evil 4: The Film Reimagines the Game As A First-Person Shooter

One fan has created a movie that shows us Resident Evil 4 via the eyes of Leon Kennedy, as he sees his first regenerator, which is thrown over a hospital bed in an abandoned laboratory as a door is bashed through. The camera moves to show Leon taking in his surroundings and scrutinizing the gloomy and dirty area before closing with a preview of the whole production.

However, it is not playable. It’s a movie made in Unreal Engine 4 that imagines what a legendary 00s survival horror film would have looked like if it had taken a different path. Fortunately, it did not. Although Resident Evil 4 is credited with defining the third-person shooter genre as we know it today, the original Resident Evil was designed as a first-person shooter, a concept that would eventually be realized with Resident Evil 7 and Village.

Village takes a lot of inspiration from 4, styling itself in a similar way – albeit with a tall dommy mommy vampire at its center – but this cinematic from siemieniaco (as spotted by DualShockers) gives us a glimpse into an alternate history, one where Capcom embraced the growing FPS genre to make something a little more intimate, a little eerie.

The movie mentioned above, as well as a deluge of pictures displaying a unique Resident Evil 4 viewpoint, can be seen on his Artstation website, although it wasn’t put together by him alone. This Unreal Engine 4 render was created by Siemieniaco, or Florian Neumann, in collaboration with Davinci Resolve, who handled the color grading and editing, resulting in a teaser-like reveal for a game that doesn’t exist.

However, it is still unknown what form the extensively rumored and leaked Resident Evil 4 remake will take. As a third-person shooter, it could and probably will draw inspiration from the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, but as a first-person shooter, it might potentially lean more toward 7 and Village. In any case, owing to Resident Evil 4 VR, we have a rough concept of what it might look like, but this render takes it a step further by revamping the aesthetics and lighting.

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