How to Create a Menu for Large Events

Food is an important thing for any event. As an event planner, creating the right menu for any event can make or break the event and guest experience. It is important to ensure that they are fed will help to maintain their energy and keep their focus on the experience rather than being distracted by the grumbling in their stomach. The following are some of the essential tips you need to consider for creating the catering event menu for your customer signature event.

Understand the Needs of Your Guests:

Every event is different, and the expectations of the guests will also differ. When creating a catering event menu, you need to think about the guests and what their expectations will be. For example, when you are planning for an annual fundraising event, where the majority of the guests are men, it is important to prepare the food that is most liked by the men. Make sure that meal includes a large portion of beef, potatoes, and vegetables. Also, you need to offer a hearty meal in order to satisfy the appetites of your hungry guests.

Consider the Event Schedule:

If you are having a gala-style event that starts at 6 pm, you will likely have many attendees who will be coming straight from work. In this situation type, you should consider serving appetizers. Another example of a schedule that will affect your menu can be when you are planning a three-day conference with a banquet dinner. You need to think about guaranteeing the lower numbers for your breakfast in the morning after the banquet as people are likely to skip the breakfast. As you can see, the event schedule needs to be considered before planning the menu.

Variety is the Spice of Life:

Meal planning becomes more complex when you are planning for a multi-day conference. You need to be more strategic in order to make sure that there is not a lot of repetition each day. Don’t be afraid to work with your venue and ask for substitutions when the current menu doesn’t meet your needs. Also, keep in mind that the substitutions may affect the final price.

Offer Custom Menu:

The venue you are working with will likely send you their generic menus. If nothing comes to your interest, you need to work with the venue to create a custom menu for your signature event. The chef you will hire is likely to be excited to try some new ideas and your guests will appreciate the unique solutions you present to them. If you are not aware of where to start when planning a catering event menu, you can start with the generic menu to get ideas and where to work from there. When creating a custom menu keep in mind that it can often increase the price of the meal, so be aware of this.

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