How to Change your Vape Coils

Vaping devices are battery-operated devices used by people to inhale e-liquids to get a better vaping experience. There are many types of vaping devices are available nowadays. Each of them has different unique features to give the best vaping experience. For example, Elux Legend is a disposable electronic cigarette bar, which is a type of e-cigarette that comes with ready-to-vape technology. This device has a compact design and comes with several amazing flavors. The smart heating system in this device allows uniform puffs without the need of changing the coils and pods.

Vape coils are an important part of vaping devices. They are little lengths of wire wrapped in spirals around the wicking material. The ends of the wires are connected to the positive and negative terminals of the device battery. When the device is turned on, the battery heats up the coil, which in turn heats the e-liquid in the wicking material until it turns into a vapor.

When to Change the Vape Coils:

The following are some signs which clearly tell you when to replace your vape coil.

Gurgling Sound:

When you vape, you will begin to hear a gurgling sound, you will know it is the time to change your vape coils. This sound doesn’t happen if everything is in working order with your vape mod. When you hear the gurgling sound, the quickest and easiest way to correct it is to change your vape coils.

Burnt Taste to Your Vape:

The next sign that shows your coil is burnt is experiencing a burning taste when you are vaping. When your coil is burnt, your e-liquid is to taste acrid and burnt more than its usual sweet flavor. You can be able to get rid of the burning taste by cleaning or changing your vape coils.

Steps to Change Your Vape Coils:

The following are the steps that tell how to change your vape coils.

Remove the Tank from Your Vape:

When you want to change your vape coil, first you need to disassemble your vape. You need to unscrew the tank from your vape in the same way when cleaning or refilling your vape tank.

Empty Your Vape Tank:

It is essential to wait until your vape tank is empty before changing the coils so that you don’t want to waste any e-liquid. If there is a small amount of e-liquid left in your vape tank when changing the coils, wrap the tank in a paper towel or cloth when you take out the coil.

Pre-Soak the New Coil Wicking Material:

When changing the coils it is important to prepare the new wicking material that will be used in the tank. You need to pre-saturate the material in 5 to 10 drops of the e-liquid depending on the size of your coil. If you dint do this step, the wicking material will burn directly and ruin your vaping experience.

Replace and Refill the Vape Tank:

After the successful replacement of the coil in your vape tank, reassemble your device. Simply screw the vape tank back to your mod and refill the tank with your favorite flavor of e-liquid. Always remember not to over-tighten the screw in order to prevent further damage.


From the above, you can gain a piece of detailed knowledge about changing your vape coil. Make sure to follow the above tips that will help you in recognizing when and how to change your vape coil.

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