How Does Changing Your Name by Deed Poll Work

Changing your name is a significant step for many, symbolizing a new beginning or important life change. Whether for personal, professional, or other reasons, the process in the UK is straightforward, primarily through something known as a deed poll. But what exactly is a deed poll, and how does one navigate this process?

Understanding a Deed Poll

A deed poll is a legal document that proves a change of name. You can use it to update all your official documents and records, including your passport, driving licence, and bank accounts. It’s a declaration that you’re abandoning your former name in favor of a new one and requires no judicial process, making it a direct and effective way to legally change your name.

The Steps Involved

  1. Decide on Your New Name: First things first, decide on the new name you wish to adopt. Remember, your new name should not be intended to deceive or cause harm, and certain restrictions apply, such as avoiding titles or famous names that aren’t yours by birth.
  2. Executing the Deed Poll: You can draft your own deed poll or use a professional service to change name by deed poll. The document should include your old name, new name, and a declaration of the change. It must be witnessed by two individuals who are not related to you.
  3. Notification and Records Update: Once your deed poll is signed and witnessed, the next step is to inform all relevant parties of your name change. This includes government bodies, financial institutions, employers, and any other organizations where you hold accounts or memberships.
  4. Use Your New Name: After your deed poll is executed and relevant parties are notified, start using your new name consistently. This consistency is key to establishing your new identity across all aspects of your life.

Important Considerations

  • Children and Deed Polls: For children under 16, changing a name by deed poll requires consent from all individuals with parental responsibility.
  • Costs: While drafting a deed poll yourself is free, using professional services or enrolling your deed poll in the Royal Courts of Justice has associated costs.
  • Recognition: While a deed poll is recognised by most organizations and government bodies, some may require additional documentation or have their own procedures for name changes.

Why Change Your Name?

People change their names for various reasons, from aligning their legal name with their gender identity to distancing themselves from negative associations with their previous name. Whatever the reason, a name change is a personal decision, and a deed poll provides a legal acknowledgment of this change.


Changing your name by deed poll is a process that reflects a personal choice and marks a significant step in one’s life. By understanding the steps involved and preparing accordingly, you can ensure a smooth transition to your new identity. Remember, this process is more than just paperwork; it’s a celebration of your autonomy and the beginning of a new chapter.

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